Education for future

Is plastic really just waste? If your answer to that question is yes, we have great news: There’s more than meets the eye! With our educational workshops and “EduBox” we create awareness for plastic as a resource and how to use it more consciously.

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Recycling Workshop

  • You know what’s really cool about our workshops highlighting the value of plastic? We turn your everyday household waste into new products right on the spot. The youth art school Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is now offering our workshops to schools in their district. We’re currently developing a digital version of our workshop that will cater to both national and international audiences.


  • The EduBox is all about playful recycling education. It’s an actual, physical box designed by students of HTW college and made with our partners at SBNE, Kalpititya and Kitesurfing Lanka. It boasts a wide range of educational materials. A favorite is an online game that lets you navigate through oceanic plastic waste as a turtle. Our workshop can be booked through the box.