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Hand Board


How to use your Hand Board

Enjoy your Hand Board for swimming or to conquer the waves. 

Simply slide your hand in, adjust the velcro tape to your needs and start paddling.

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Our Packaging

In collaboration with Wertraum and Textilhafen

Our packaging is made from former hospital uniforms sourced by Textilhafen. Wertraum transforms them into our packaging bags and prints the QR code and label on them:

We believe in true sustainability. That is why we developed a packaging bag from recycled material. After taking out your product you can use it for storing your toothbrush or surf fins. You will find all relevant product information like assembly manuals online – simply scan the QR code. Like this, we save materials and make sure our information is always up to date.


Legal Disclaimer

We are sure you all know it, however, German law obliges us to still let you know the following points:

Do not swallow the product & do not give the product to children below the age of 8.

This product is made of 100% recycled plastic, for information on the type of plastic, see product.
The present product is not suitable for consumption.

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