Hello Sri Lanka bye plastic waste

Surf in the morning, recycle in the afternoon. How cool is that? For our pilot project, we set up recycling facilities at a kitesurf camp in Sri Lanka. Thanks to many helping hands, we successfully collected & recycled plastic into kitesurf equipment.


Why sri Lanka?

Since the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009, import of consumer goods has rapidly increased. While that’s great for consumers, the amount of packaging waste it creates is a real problem. Sri Lanka ranks 5th on the list of countries who dispose of plastics the worst. (2017)

Like that wasn’t enough, additional waste from the Indian Ocean is regularly washed up on Sri Lanka’s shores. The national waste disposal is overwhelmed. And the population is not educated on how to use plastic consciously. For us these were great reasons to make a stand - and create a new way of handling the waste.

Two elements for success

New jobs!

The number of fishermen in Sri Lanka is declining and many former fishers are looking for ways to feed and support their families. We encourage them to collect plastic waste and sell it to us. It’s a win-win situation: we get new material for production and the fishermen generate income.


We visit local schools to plant the seeds of consciously using plastic. We educate children and adults about the impact of plastic on our planet and climate to prevent future pollution.

What now?

We had to put the project on hold because of the global pandemic. However, Sri Lanka was proof that our model works. We can set up local recycling chains and create a better tomorrow today. Are you interested in setting up a circular economy? Then we’d love to hear from you.