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The Hand Board

You love body surfing? So do we! That’s why we’ve developed a handplane made from recycled plastic. With it, you glide weightlessly through the next wave to the beach.

It helps surfers to strengthen their core during training and to climb high waves more easily. And don’t forget: with our handboard you can train your arms for the next surf.

The adjustable velcro strap allows you to optimally adjust the handboards to your hand size. Because we recycle lightweight PP (polypropylene), the handplanes don’t sink but float on the surface of the water.

Doing good can be so easy – just go bodysurfing with our handboards. Enjoy your next body surf!

Board Rack

Since our surfboard is not ready yet, we put a lot of love and work into the development of our first product: a surfboard rack. As surfers in Berlin, we constantly have the problem of storing our surfboards – flats often don’t have a cellar and storage space is scarce.

That’s why we developed a wall mount for surfboards and kiteboards. We took up the shape of a surf fin for the design. For the production we recycle Berlin plastic – by hand & in Berlin.

Due to our unique manufacturing process, each board rack is unique with extraordinary colour gradients. Have fun with your new surfboard wall mount.

Surf Wax Box

Surfing wouldn’t be surfing without surf wax. But where to put the sticky stuff? In our wax box, of course! Our surfboard wax box ensures that your surf wax doesn’t melt while you’re on the water.

Need a quick re-wax in between? No problem, because with our practical wax box you always have your surf wax at hand. And you’re also protecting nature, because our wax box is handmade in Berlin from recycled Berlin plastic. Doing good while taming the waves – it can be that simple. Let’s ride the wave of change.

By the way – our wax box is also super suitable for solid shampoos and soaps.

Carabiner Hook

Our carabiner is suitable for both surfers and non-surfers. This is our first product that combines Merijaan Surf and Merijaan Social. We have received more and more enquiries as to whether we can also produce non-surf products from recycled plastic. With the quickdraws we want to meet this request.

Our carabiner is lightweight and can be used as a key chain, to hang up your wet bikini or lycra. You can also comfortably attach your water bottle to your backpack with the carabiner clip.

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What could be more fitting than a ruler made of recycled plastic to reach children and educate them about plastic recycling? Nothing, right. That’s why we decided to make new rulers out of recycled plastic in our school workshops.

But who says rulers are only for kids? We don’t want to deprive you of this great Merijaan Social product and therefore offer it for sale – for adults and children.

Our ruler is 15cm long and fits perfectly into any pencil case.

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Our Packaging

In collaboration with Wertraum and Textilhafen

Our packaging is made from former hospital uniforms sourced by Textilhafen. Wertraum transforms them into our packaging bags and prints the QR code and logo on them:

We believe in true sustainability. That is why we developed a packaging bag from recycled material. After taking out your product you can use it for storing your toothbrush or surf fins. You will find all relevant product information like assembly manuals online – simply scan the QR code. Like this, we save materials and make sure our information is always up to date.

PP granules - PCR

We produce our granulate (regrind) locally in Berlin from Berlin plastic. It is unmixed, cleaned and of high quality. We work with Labor Berlin who regularly supply us with some of their packaging waste for recycling.


We sift, sort and grind it - we use some of it ourselves and sell the rest. As it is always the same packaging, the recyclate always behaves in the same way and is ideal for recycling.


Going for a surf trip with your camper van? You shouldn´t miss our beach stool then! 

Designed by our Diploma furniture designer and co-founder Isabella this stool is an absolute unique piece. The best about it? All parts are recycled, even the wood.

We are currently finetuning the production process and will release it soon. Let us know if you´re interested in one.

The Board

You have to be strong now: the world's first 100% recyclable surfboard is not yet finished. We're working hard to make it happen soon. Want to learn more about the process? Check out this page.


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Dive into your next surfing adventure with awesome stustainable surf equipment. All our products are 100% recycled & recyclable. We carefully design and craft them to suit surfer's needs. Ride waves, love nature, spread love (and definitely not plastic waste).


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