Wax Box / Soap Box


Where to store your new, organic surf wax? Well, in our wax box!

It is 100% recycled and looks just chic with your new wax. The bottom and top of the box are held together with a small braid elastic that you can use for your hair while surfing 😉

You´re not a surfer but latley switched to solid shampoo instead of plastic bottles shampoo? Congratulations!

But then you booked your next surf trip and realised shortly before departure that you still need a way to transport it? Instead of reaching for a plastic bag, grab one of our soap boxes made from 100% recycled plastic.

What’s so special about them?

  • – Each box is unique with unique colour gradients.
  • – All our products are handmade in Berlin
  • – They are made from 100% recycled Berlin plastic waste
  • – They are 100% recyclable, so if they break, we can simply melt them down again.
  • – Boden und Deckel der Box werden mit einem kleinen Zopfgummi zusammengehalten, den du beim Surfen für deine Haare verwenden kannst 😉
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    The wax box was developed by ocean and nature lovers for you and hand-manufactured by us in Berlin. The box consists out of a top and a bottom part that can be secured by an included elastique.



    We love to surf – but also to eat. That is why we chose ice-cream flavours as our colour names.


    Attention! Your product will not look like on the pictures. But don´t be sad – therefore its unique! Since we work with 100% recycled plastic every product has a unique material spread which will differ from our product pictures. This creates the whole magic about your product. There may be small dents or colour streaks as well. However, this is not a fault but part of your unique product. The sea is sometimes rough and wavy – so are our products.

    However, we decided to only mix two colours at a time. Therefore, just pick your base colour in the online shop and be surprised by our creativity in colour mixing. We hope you like it!


    Kiwi – fresh green

    Strawberry – strong red

    Smurf – Merijaan dark blue & white

    Black currant – simply black

    Straciatella – white with sparks

    Silver lane – silver mixed with an additional, random colour


    This product is made of 100% recycled plastic. The present product is not suitable for consumption.
    The present product is not suitable for consumption.

    Weight 0,053 kg
    Dimensions 10 × 6,5 × 4,0 cm

    kiwi, smurf, stracciatella, strawberry, black currant, silver lane