Board Rack (Surf | Kite | Skate | Snow)


Behold! These beautiful hand-manufactured surfboard racks are real eye-catchers. Not only are they from 100% recycled plastic, they also boast unique material spreads. They work great for surfboards, kiteboards, skateboards, snowboards, and wakeboards. Made for surfers by surfers. Approved by mother nature.

  • – 100% recycled & recyclable plastic
  • – hand-maufactured in Berlin
  • – unique spreads
  • – holds up to 20 kg
  • – holes for hangers or poles
  • – reduces plastic waste
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    The Board Rack was developed by surfer for you and hand-manufactured by us in Berlin. Your rack not only holds your surfboard (large cut-out), but also various other boards such as kiteboards, snowboards, skateboards (small cut-out) or or or…


    We only used recycled plastic. This is why there may be small dents or colour streaks. However, this is not a fault but part of your unique board rack. The sea is sometimes rough and wavy – so are our products.



    We love to surf – but also to eat. That is why we chose ice-cream flavours as our colour names.


    Attention! Your product will not look like on the pictures. But don´t be sad – therefore its unique! Since we work with 100% recycled plastic every product has a unique material spread which will differ from our product pictures. This creates the whole magic about your product.

    However, we decided to only mix two colours at a time. Therefore, just pick your base colour in the online shop and be surprised by our creativity in colour mixing. We hope you like it!


    Kiwi – fresh green

    Lemon Pie – Merijaan-blue &yellow

    Mint – Merijaan-blue & fresh green

    Berry Dream – Merijaan-blue & pink



    We believe in true sustainability. That is why we developed a packaging bag from recycled material. For printing we use screen printing – probably the most sustainable printing process. After taking out your product you can use it for storing your toothbrush or surf fins. You will find all relevant product information like assembly manuals online – simply scan the QR code. Like this, we save materials and make sure our information is always up to date.

    Our packaging is also made by hand in Berlin and consists out of former care worker uniforms, sourced by Textilhafen. Social justice is important to us, which is why Wertraum transforms them into our packaging bags and prints all label on them.Wertraum sie zu unseren Verpackungsbeuteln und bedruckt sie mit allen Etiketten.


    Our workshop team consists of people with little chance of integration. So far they have not found a job, have no (recognised) training or a school-leaving certificate, a history of prison experience, one or the other handicap, do not speak German very well yet. All employees are coached, their skills are promoted and they receive further training – their work and their skills are used in the best possible way. At Wertraum, they are given the chance to do meaningful tasks and the certainty that their work is valued. Wertraumthey are given the chance to do meaningful tasks and the certainty that their work is valued.


    Technical specifications

    Load capacity board rack: 30 kg

    Load capacity dowels:

    • – Concrete: 60 kg
    • – Plasterboard: 10 kg
    • – Wood: 30 kg
    • – Vertical perforated brick: 20 kg

    We use Fischer UX Green universal anchors, which consist of at least 50 % renewable raw materials – currently the most sustainable solution for us.



    • – Board Rack
    • – 2 screws
    • – 2 dowels
    • – handmade, reusable packaging


    Click to check how to put the Board Rack on to the wall.


    This product is made of 100% recycled plastic. For information on the type of plastic, see product.
    The present product is not suitable for consumption.
    Improper mounting may result in injury. Please refer to the mounting instructions and the manufacturer's specifications for the anchors and screws provided.

    Weight 0,12 kg
    Dimensions 17 × 11,5 × 14 cm

    kiwi, lemon pie, mint, berry dream


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