Let’s create a cleaner environment! Merijaan Social helps people use plastic more consciously by educating about up- and recycling. We also set up local circular recycling economies which benefit both nature and locals. A win-win-win situation for everyone.

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Circular Economy

We set up circular economies around the globe by buying used plastic and turning it into products that are needed locally.


When plastic isn’t valued, is it any wonder it’s thrown away? We educate children - and grown ups - on how to use plastic more consciously.


Hello, Sri Lanka! That’s where we launched our pilot project in 2020. It went great - until Corona.

Support us with your donation

With your donation we’re able to finance to development of workshops and necessary machines and tools.


Making waves with partners

A world without plastic seems far off - but we can create a world with more environmental awareness here and now. And we’re not alone! We brought to life a collaboration between Sri Lankan and German authorities that focuses on tackling poverty and pollution through education.

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Get in touch

Want to dive deeper? We offer workshops for educational purposes. Got a question or want to set up a circular economy in your area? We’re happy to answer.