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Ride Water,
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Dive into your next surfing adventure with awesome stustainable surf equipment. All our products are 100% recycled & recyclable. We carefully design and craft them to suit surfer's needs. Ride waves, love nature, spread love (and definitely not plastic waste).

The Beach Stool

Going for a surf trip with your camper van? You shouldn´t miss our beach stool then! 

Designed by our Diploma furniture designer and co-founder Isabella this stool is an absolute unique piece. The best about it? All parts are recycled, even the wood.

We are currently finetuning the production process and will release it soon. Let us know if you´re interested in one.


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Our Packaging

In collaboration with Wertraum and Textilhafen

Our packaging is made from former hospital uniforms sourced by Textilhafen. Wertraum transforms them into our packaging bags and prints the QR code and logo on them:

We believe in true sustainability. That is why we developed a packaging bag from recycled material. After taking out your product you can use it for storing your toothbrush or surf fins. You will find all relevant product information like assembly manuals online – simply scan the QR code. Like this, we save materials and make sure our information is always up to date.

The board

You have to be strong now: the world's first 100% recyclable surfboard is not yet finished. We're working hard to make it happen soon. Want to learn more about the process? Check out this page.

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